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The Procrastinator Timewaster


It looks like a mini laptop, but the original Procrastinator Timewaster is actually the mad pad of 100 sheets all crammed with opportunities to create, decide, doodle, suggest, choose... and generally to procrastinate. Described as 'pure genius', this world class timewaster is fun, creative and totally addictive!

When it was launched it became one major online retailer's top ten sellers in less than a month and has sold thousands since. The Procrastinator Timewaster featured at The British Comedy Awards and is clearly what a top class timewaster should be all about - it's fun, creative and totally addictive!

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They're a bit different and really
are the complete waste of time!

The Procrastinator Mousepad


This mousemat style pad can be used as a conventional mousepad, but is a lot more fun. There are hundreds of time wasting opportunities around a central mouse operating area and The Procrastinator Mousepad provides loads of things to do for when just staring at the screen becomes just a little bit too much.

This great gift was described by The Independent Newspaper in a special supplement as one of the best computer accessories available. Each pad has 50 individually designed pages for having some creative fun and games!

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The absolutely essential desktop companion


The Procrastinator Notebook


A professional looking notebook with not only space for making notes about all the things you have to make notes about, but also page after page of scribbles, choices, lists, decisions and other nonsense to fill in when things get really boring.

With its glossy black softback cover and 200 individually designed pages, this is a classy addition to any briefcase. The best bit is that you can appear to be taking notes about important key decisions when you are actually making decisions about things that don't matter in the slightest.

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The absolutely essential briefcase


The Procrastinator Mini


This is a small notepad with 50 different pages of opportunities to waste time wherever you happen to be. The Procrastinator Mini allows time wasting any time, any place, anywhere, an absolute must.

Keep one (or more) in a pocket, handbag or glove box to fulfil any doodling cravings, but also use the blank backs of the pages to do your shopping lists, give interesting people your phone number, or to pretend that you are a senior crime scene investigator taking notes about a major incident that took place earlier! There's no end to the entertainment.

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The absolutely essential pocket



The Procrastinator Doodlecards


What better way to send greetings or congratulations to someone than by wasting their time. Always have a pack of greeting cards handy, they can be used for any occasion and the front features a number of time wasting activities for the recipient to have a bit of fun being creative.

The cards are blank inside and each pack contains four different cards and four white envelopes. Why settle for a traditional, humorous or downright filthy greetings card when you can send that special person something that allows them to be traditional, humorous or downright filthy themselves!

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The absolutely essential way to send greetings

The Great I Am


This is a classic parlour game concept where players are given a new identity stuck to their foreheads. Only by rapid and imaginative questioning will you reveal who you really are. It's a fast moving game ideal for the family, parties and as an ice breaker.

Nominated as a Daily Telegraph Game of the Year, The Great I Am has been sold in the thousands by large retailers such as John Lewis, WHSmith and Hamley's as well as being described by Sir Richard Branson as a 'fantastic game'. It's not really a time waster but this game is just good, old fashioned fun. Remember that! 

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The Great


Discover your real identity... before

it's too late!


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