Who doesn’t like a good, old fashioned family parlour game! Here’s a way of passing the time in a rather bonkers way, and for a fair bit less than many boxed games. The Great I Am comes direct from the designers and really is what genuine entertainment is all about. It was described by Sir Richard Branson as a ‘fantastic game’, and it was nominated as Daily Telegraph Game of the Year when it first came out.


A fast moving family/party game where players are given a new identity stuck on their foreheads. Only rapid and imaginative questioning will reveal who they really are! Previously retailed by John Lewis, WHSmith, Toys R Us and Hamley’s (amongst many others), this classic concept was available long before some other similar products. As with all the great ideas from The Procrastinator, never was so much fun had by so many with just a pencil and a few bits of paper.

The Great I Am

  • Box size 270mm x 270mm x 40mm


    Box contains

    6 self-adhesive label pads

    6 note pads

    6 pencils

    1 thirty second timer

    100 subject cards

    6 interference cards

    18 time tokens

    1 score pad