If you’re a charity, a retailer or a bit of an entrepreneur, here’s an opportunity to double your investment! This appealing notebook sold in the thousands through one major book retail chain, so we know it’s got legs.


The pack contains 24 copies of The Procrastinator Notebook at a discounted price, available to retailers or charities to sell at the usual RRP of £6.50 per notebook. Order a pack of 24 direct from the website, or contact us for an even better deal on a larger quantity!


And on a more serious note, the encouragement of creativity and the act of writing down or drawing images of inner thoughts can prove to be a rewarding exercise. The material on every page of the Procrastinator Notebook provides that encouragement and Production Line has worked with organisations in the past who have said that using the content in this way can improve mental health, so by making this available you really could be doing someone a great favour.

The Procrastinator Notebook (24 unit pack)

  • 24 units - The Procrastinator Notebook

    Notebook size 210mm x 148mm x 15mm

    Softback cover with wrap

    200 pages